Many of us find ourselves distracted and overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and emotions. Like life’s a juggling act and the balls keep dropping. We often forget that we define who we are. We can choose which thoughts and emotions to identify with.

Most of us want to thrive. To wake up excited and create endless momentum with what we love to do. But things aren’t clicking. This is what we call survival mode. If you told me years ago one day I’d jump out of bed, excited for my day, before 9:00 am I’d laugh at you.

Are you in…

The best way to change automatic unconscious thoughts and behaviors

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Imagine waking up every morning excited to live a new day. You say a silent prayer of gratitude then smile as you start your morning routine. Your body feels strong and you feel fulfilled.

Maybe this sounds awesome to you. But maybe you’re experiencing a different reality: hitting the snooze button for the fifth time, scarfing down a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, squeezing into your jeans (or sweatpants), only to plop in front of your laptop going from one distraction to another.

If your reality isn’t where you want it to be then I’m glad you’re reading this right…

Two conflicting thoughts came into mind when reading this. 1. I wonder if these people complaining about needing to get back into the office for their emotional and physical wellbeing are people who would support universal healthcare or other initiatives that help other people? If not, then I have no sympathy. It's funny how someone can complain about needing support and help yet refuse to offer it to others.

2. However, if these people complaining DO support and vote for helping others then I would want to take their wellbeing into consideration and not mock them for having emotional needs.

Obviously one can never know. Really enjoyed this article and am pro-WFH. I hope it doesn't disappear.

Here’s your permission slip to do less.

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When it comes to success I’m not going to tell you to buckle up and press the gas pedal. To get thicker skin and strategize more. I’m going to share the complete opposite of what popular practice would tell you. If that’s what you’re looking for then this post isn’t for you.

It’s no surprise to hear we live in a world that rewards constant doing. Fast-paced deadlines. 40+ hour workweeks. Constant connectivity.

If you’re anything like me, the minute I acknowledge the exhaustion in my bones I feel guilty for thinking of taking a break instead of pushing through…

Learn how to identify and manage toxic perfectionism and positive oriented perfectionism.

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Perfectionism At Its Finest

Perfectionism is a tricky, sneaky bastard. Wearing many masks to stop you from creating something new. One day it’s negative self-talk leading to hours-long YouTube binges. Another day it may be buying your fifth course and spending hours on research. Still not taking the first step. Or running your startup into the ground because decisions take forever to make.

There’s this underlying anxiety that there’s a “right” way to do something. That before you can begin you need to know ALL the answers. So we justify distractions thinking they’re a normal part of the process. When what’s happening is a…

Learning this can help you create massive results

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Some years ago I picked up The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and couldn’t put it down. There are too many mind-blowing takeaways to count. The biggest ah-ha moment was when he described the difference between the amateur and the professional. Most people I look up to encapsulated everything he described as a pro. Then my heart sank a little when I noticed how many of the amateur traits I had.

His words inspired me to immediately revamp my habits and act more like a professional. It’s become a powerful tool to keep myself in check and one I…

If you resist change this is for you.

Style Stocked Society

“If you were a superhero you would be called the Resistor.” That’s what my husband told me after he showed me a new home decor item he wanted to get for our New York City apartment. My initial reaction was skepticism. Not because he has bad taste. No. He has excellent taste. It’s because I don’t have a decorating bone in my body.

When I don’t know something I freeze and doubt my ability to make the right choice. Eventually, I say yes and end up LOVING what my husband picks out. After a few more times of being called…

Keep reading to develop a happier existence.

Did you know that most of us live in a trance? Rather than feeling vibrant and fully connected to each moment, many feel foggy, irritable, or “out of it”. It’s become so normal most don’t realize it’s happening. Trance looks like rushing through the day, getting lost in thought, forgetting to eat or breathe deeper.

Since I started running two businesses there were days where my first meal was dinner and my laptop glued to my tired hands. My mind felt like a bunch of jumbled cables which fueled my constant anxiety. …

A guided ritual to help you transition into 2021 inspired and aligned.

We did it. We made it through all 67.5 months of 2020. We had to trade in going to restaurants, commuting to offices, and traveling for endless Zoom calls, face masks, and the panic of empty grocery shelves. Valuing toilet paper like it was gold. The world literally forced to shutter and pause.

Then the fault lines of social movements slipped into massive earthquakes of change. Black Lives Matter being a big name this year among others. The grand finale, so far at least, was the presidential election. …

So you can find your sense of self again and live a bolder and happier life.

Many of us struggle to feel connected to our life’s purpose. We want to create a life we love but instead feel burned out and discouraged. So many responsibilities scream for your attention you don’t feel you have room for intention.

You want to design a life you love and see things fall into place. Instead, connection these days looks like keeping up with emails, scrolling social media or watching TV. You’re too tired to do much else.

The good news is it’s never too late. You can become more intentional with your life starting today. You can have more…

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