3 Important Truths a Growth-Oriented Person Knows

in a society where falsehoods are so established.

Learning is a form of communication.

A back and forth. A give and take. Not allowing “I don’t understand” to stop you from moving forward and discovering.

Boundaries vs. Limits

A truth-seeker knows there’s a difference between mental limits and personal boundaries. We make personal boundaries for the protection of what’s already sacred. We remove mental limits to expand who we are and what we know.

How big is your fence?

Photo by Marivi Pazos on Unsplash


In conclusion, stand rooted in the foundation of your personal boundaries. But remove mental limits when it comes to seeking truth. As a truth-seeker prepare for your opinions to change throughout the course of your life.

Take Action

Are you open to expanding? If not what’s holding you back? Let me know your thoughts below.

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